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Our Services

Our Services to the M(S)SP Channel

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Technical Services

If necessary, our employees in the Technical Services department support you from consulting in the project preparation phase to roll-out including implementation and installation of IT security solutions remotely or on site at the customer.

1. Pre-Sales Advice

2. Demo / POC Support

3. Post Sales Support

4. Onsite Installation and

5. Config Review / System

6. Optional End-User Support

7.  RMA, Customs Clearance


Channel Distribution Services

Together with you, we are extremely interested in realizing fast and efficient processes for our customers. That is why we are constantly expanding our logistics and financial services based on your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your wishes!

1. Delivery and Logistics

2. Advanced Hardware
     Replacements (24*7*365)

3. Rollout Services and Export

4. Rollout Services Configuration

5. RMA


Channel Finance Services

Our partners have very different requirements for the financial processing of projects. Together with you, we have developed a whole set of service models that cover the various requirements and are continuously developing these services.

1. Credit Limits and Project

2. Processing in Foreign Currency

3. Pre-Financing of Multi-Year

4. International Business

Channel MSP Services

We support you from the start, through expansion and expansion, through advice, extensive templates for contracts and documents and with a comprehensive range of training courses.

1. Entry into the M(S)SP Business

2. MSP Solution Consulting

3. Optimization of the MSP business


Partner with the
Next-Gen Cybersecurity Provider


Why Partner with us?

Partnering with us enables you to add our products and services to your security portfolio for generating added revenue. You can white-label our services that you can deliver under your own brand name and that too with zero additional investment.

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