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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q - I have already been audited by a external company, why should I use Lockdown IT ?

A - Lets be honest most auditing companies can be "fooled" by a companies own internal IT personal, into thinking

that they are secure. At Lockdown IT we know all the "tricks" and "diversions" in the book, that IT staff use to fool

audit companies into thinking they are secure.

Q - I suspect someone is eavesdropping on my conversations, what should I do?

A - Do not use the same telephone, email or office to contact us, rather use a telephone away from this


Q - My servers been hacked, I want to know how and why ?

A - Do not perform any work on the server, physically remove it from the network (disconnect the network cable), and

shut it down, then contact us immediatly. We'll tell you how, and why !

Q - I suspect my spouse is cheating on me, can you help me eavesdrop on their telephone calls?

A - We do not attend to any domestic issues, we only work with legitimate companies regarding corporate counter-surveillance and

security. We will not work on any case, were Government Law Enforcement Agencies are involved.

Q - I need important data to be retrieved that was deleted mistakenly, can you help ?

A - When you delete data from a hard disk drive (HDD), it is not actually totally deleted and still resides on the disk and we can still

recover all the data or part of it. Do not perform any additional work on the pc or server, as the oringinal data can be over-written

by new data.

Q - My audit company told me my servers are 100% secure, am I really ?

A - If anybody tells you that your systems are 100% secure, they are lying to you. If its plugged into the network, all it takes is time

and anything can be accessed. New security vulnerbilities are discovered all the time, systems have to be constantly

monitored, patched and secured , against known or emerging threats. We have the mindset that nothing is 100% secure, which

drives us to find new ways to secure and lockdown systems.