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The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving.

Stay ahead of the game with our products and services that help you to eliminate your cyber risk exposure and improve your uptime, performance and resiliency.

#1 in Cyber Defence in IT and OT Environments.

#1 in Application Delivery, Performance, and Monitoring

Advanced solutions for all your security, performance and availability needs.

Around the world, hardly a day goes by without cybercrime making headlines. From financially motivated ransomware attacks, to political hacktivism and espionage, threats are now more commonplace and damaging than ever.

Mitigating the risk of evolving threats is a key challenge for all organisations. Cybercriminals are well resourced, determined and frequently change their tactics to evade detection.

Having effective controls in place to tackle known and unknown threats is essential but with budgets being squeezed and a global shortage of security professionals, this can be easier  said than done.

Our comprehensive IT security services are designed to provide the vital assistance needed to make tangible improvements to your organisation’s cyber security maturity.
From custom assessments and compliance audits, to proactive threat detection and incident response, our friendly experts can be trusted to deliver affordable solutions for wide-ranging requirements

" By understanding how attackers operate, our experts help you achieve a superior level of defence"

Cyber SOC as a Service

24*7, 356 Managed Detection and Response by our Cyber SOC (Security Operations Center). For many organizations, maintaining a full-fledged in-house security operations center (SOC) is not a viable option. The expanding cybersecurity skills gap and the rapid evolution of the cyber threat landscape mean that companies often lack access to the security expertise and tools required to protect them against cyber threats

Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment is the process of discovering, documenting, and quantifying the current security vulnerabilities found within an environment

Penetration Testing

A penetration test attempts to simulate the actions of an external or internal attacker who is trying to breach the information security of an organization.

User Cybersecurity
Awareness Training


Our Cybersecurity awareness training is a program designed to educate employees about the dangers of cyber threats and how to protect themselves and their organization from potential attacks. The aim of this training is to raise awareness about the risks and consequences of poor cyber security practices, such as phishing scams, password security, and social engineering attacks.

Website DDoS, Caching, Security and Performance

We understand the critical importance of website security in today's digital landscape. That's why we've partnered with Cloudflare, a leading provider of web security solutions trusted by businesses worldwide. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you fortify your online defenses and protect your valuable data from cyber threats

Onsite Cyber Incident


Onsite cyber incident response refers to the process of responding to a cybersecurity incident at the physical location of the affected organization. This type of response is typically necessary when an incident cannot be effectively managed remotely and requires the presence of experienced security professionals on site

Disaster Recovery as-a-Service  (DRaaS)

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service, is a cloud-based solution for managing and recovering data and applications in the event of a disaster or disruption. It provides organizations with a secure, off-site location to store backup copies of their critical data, allowing them to quickly and easily recover in the event of a disaster

Our cybersecurity experts
will pin-point your security holes.

Understanding the right activity to undertake and what to expect is a hurdle for many organizations. It requires knowing what you need, the right questions to ask, and which test coincides with your answers.

Unfortunately for many organisations, particularly those without specialist security skills and resources, implementing the processes and controls needed to mitigate risk can be hard to understand or achieve.


We exist to help businesses addresses today’s mounting cyber security challenges. Leveraging our experienced security experts, with over 24 years of knowledge in the industry,  cutting-edge tools and threat intelligence, our range of cost-effective services are designed to secure and enable your organization for an always-on experience.

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Our Partners

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We are your first line of defense in the digital world

Our Cyber Defense Team highlights the importance of taking proactive measures to protect against cyber threats.


In today's digital age, businesses are constantly at risk of cyber attacks that can result in data breaches, theft of sensitive information, and disruption of operations.

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